tucSON market share

October 21, 2019

Someone recently asked "whats the big deal about market share .... I already track my competitors deals?"

Of course, the answer is that what was a great month last month with five sales may be well behind your competitor this month when the overall sales in the market were higher than they were last month and yours stayed the same. In other words, your share of the market went down while the number of sales you had stayed the same or maybe even increased. You lost ground to your competitors!

That's what an analysis of your market share versus your competitors market share in the same period of time is all about and why market share analysis is the yardstick used by real professionals in judging their performance versus their competitors.

Our sophisticated data and software allows us to create easy-to-use market share analysis at an affordable price using the most recent escrow closing data and formatting it so it becomes a meaningful and highly useful report.

We do the hard work for you and offer you a monthly market share analysis that's easy use and give you the inside information on your performance versus that of your competitors. Take a look at the sample page below, and then call us for an affordable subscription to our Market Share Analysis report. We guarantee it can make a difference in your market perspective!

JoAnn at 623.606.8113 can take your subscription order, or Jim at 602.327.6989 can walk you through the report. Our prices are shown in the list at the bottom of this blog ... scroll down to see.

As sophisticated as they had become, the tools for understanding how to effectively compete just get better and better, and our Market Share Analysis Report is one of those tools. Take a careful look at the page from a recent report, shown just above.