tucSON sales and permit report


Our SALES AND PERMIT REPORT is the basis of real market analysis of the Tucson housing market. Updated every month and with the last 12 months of month by month permit and closings data ... this report is delivered in .xls format for easy filtering of the data so that it meets you exact needs.

It also makes Excel's Pivot Table functions and graphic functions easy to use for the advanced number cruncher tasked with those recurring corporate reports.

Plus, it tracks platted and vacant lots at the subdivision level as well as average base price and the latest average actual sales prices!

This is a serious market research tool at an affordable price and with current data! Plus it is affordable enought for the smallest builder or subcontractor or supplier.

Requires a 6 month subscription but can be paid for monthly with autopay.

If you need to know what is going on in the Tucson housing market this is THE source. Just look at the sample page above! See the price by scrolling down to the bottom of the blog, then call Joann at 623.606.8113 to subscribe. You can get your first edition yet today!